BBC Bitesize: Seymour Science

Of the many characters I have had the chance to animate, the mischevious Seymour Science ranks amongst the most fun. Presenting his own Youtube-style vlog, Seymour’s somewhat zany enthusiasm for all things science presented a different challenge in every scene, and is the perfect foil for his more studious co-presenters. In this series for BBC Bitesize, Seymour and his expert friends Rosie, Eddie, Izzy, Albert and Davina present science topics for young learners aged 5 to 7. The series was awarded Bronze at the Lovie Awards 2015 in the Internet Video category.

Scroll down to watch the rest of the series. Visit Splinter for a more detailed breakdown of the project.

Project Details

Client: BBC

Agency: Splinter

Animation: Rethunk